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Pike County Voter Information

Image by Arnaud Jaegers

Voter Registration

After filling out the Voter Registration form, please make sure that you:

- Print the form
- Sign and date the form
- Deliver or mail the form to your County Clerk's Office

Circuit Clerk Roger Graves


P.O. Drawer 31

Magnolia, MS 39652


Applicants in the waiting room

Your Voting Rights

1. Every qualified Mississippi elector is entitled to vote regardless of race, creed, color, or disability.


2. No one may refuse a person the right to vote if that person is legally entitled to vote.

3. If you are in line to vote at the poll closing time, you are legally allowed to cast your vote regardless of the poll closing time.

4. No voter shall be threatened, intimidated, or paid to vote by any person.

5. Voters whose names do not appear on the poll book or who do not have an acceptable form of photo ID are entitled to vote by affidavit ballot.

6. Voters who cast an affidavit ballot are entitled to receive written information at the time of voting on how to determine if the vote was counted and, if not, why not.

7. Voters who require assistance in marking the ballot because of disability, blindness, or an inability to read or write are entitled to receive assistance from a person of the voter’s choice, excluding, a candidate whose name is on the ballot, or the spouse, parent, sibling or child of a candidate whose name is on the ballot, or by a poll watcher who is observing in the polling place on Election Day, or the voter’s employer or agent of that employer, or officer or agent of the voter’s union; unless, however, a candidate for office or the spouse, parent or child of a candidate is related within the first degree to the voter requesting assistance.


County Voting Precincts

There are 25 polling precincts in Pike County:

- New Hope Baptist Church, 515 Locust Street, McComb, MS, 39648

- South McComb Baptist Church, Crossroad Bldg, 340 24th Street, McComb, MS 39648

- Summit Methodist Church, 1107 Baldwin St., Summit, MS 39666

- MLK Center, 601 MLK Drive, McComb, MS 39648

- North McComb Baptist Church, 504 Laurel St, McComb, MS 39648

- Presley Banquet and Event Center, 529 Presley Boulevard McComb, MS 39648

- St. Mary Freewill Baptist Church, 1557 CC Bryant Dr, McComb, MS 39648

- Fernwood Baptist Church, 1057 Oak Ave, Fernwood, MS 39635

- Magnolia Community Center, 235 South Cherry Street, Magnolia, MS 39652

- Braswell Education Complex, 1010 Hwy 48 East, Magnolia, MS 39652

- St. James Missionary Baptist Church, 9100 Old Highway 24, Magnolia, MS 39652

- Navilla Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, Old 24, McComb, MS 39648

-Holmesville Community, 1016 Tennessee Street, McComb, MS 39648 -

- Calvary Baptist Church, 1009 Pricedale Drive, Summit, MS 39666

- Friendship Baptist Church, 1046 Friendship Circle, McComb, MS 39648

- Summit City Hall, 706 West Railroad Ave., Summit, MS 39666

- Southwest MS Community College Work Force Training Center, 1146 Horace Holmes Drive, Summit, MS 39666

- Johnston Chapel Methodist Church, 2093 Chapel Drive, Summit, MS 39666

- Pisgah Methodist Church, 2048 Hwy 570 West, Summit, MS 39666

- Pike County National Bank, 350 Rawls Drive, McComb, MS 39648

- Old Progress Volunteer Fire Station Magnolia Progress Rd, McComb, MS 39648

- Church of Christ, Park Lane Rd, McComb, MS 39648

- West McComb Baptist Church, 4016 Hwy 24 West, McComb. MS 39648

- Our Lady of Hope (Formerly known as St. Mary of the Pines), 3167 Old 51, Osyka, MS 39657

- Osyka City Hall, 215 Liberty Street, Osyka, MS 39657

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